National Blog Posting Month 2022: day 1

For the second year in a row, I’ve decided to take part in National Blog Posting Month, or “NaBloPoMo”, for short.

What is NaBloPoMo?

According to this post by Michelle Weber, NaBloPoMo was founded by an American blogger called Eden Kennedy, in response to National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo).

Participants write a blog post every day throughout November, to break away from perfectionist ideals that might otherwise prevent them from sharing their work.

Since “perfectionist ideals” are a particular blocker for me when it comes to writing, the idea spoke to me.

My starting point

Having taken part in NaBloPoMo last year (See a summary of 2021’s effort), I found out the hard way how important it is to get ahead with ideas and drafts, rather than leaving it until the day of each post to write it.

Have I learned from my mistakes and organised myself better this year? No. But here we are.

So I’m going into this slightly chaotically and with a lot of apprehension - but that’s what makes it interesting right? Right??

One lesson I am going to heed this year, to help myself, is to give myself weekends off.

What I’m expecting

My brain is awash with disorganised thoughts and opinions and I’m hoping that the next 29 ideas or so will help me to build and refine some of those ideas.

I’m expecting there to be a fair amount of overlap between the posts I write, with each other, and with past posts and talks I’ve written. And I’m fine with that.

What you should expect from me

I’m going to be flexible with topics. I’m planning to write about a mixture of things, both work-related and personal.

And since one of my objectives here is to challenge my perfectionist tendencies, my writing is probably going to be a little less polished and a little more chaotic than usual.

I’m going to allow myself a quick top-to-bottom proof-read of each post, and then I’m going to hit publish.

Here we go…

And so we begin.

Are you taking part in NaBloPoMo? I’d love to read your posts if you are.

Or, if there’s something you’d like me to write about, let me know—I need all the inspiration I can get.

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