Some words to give you a sense of what it's like to work with me from the people who have.

"Clarity is her superpower"

Amy is one of the most talented content designers I’ve ever worked with. Clarity is her superpower, and she makes everything structured and straightforward with words. Her success as a Product Manager is in no small part linked to her ability to write clearly and concisely.

She possesses a rare, sharp focus on bringing clarity to products, content and team structures—her fantastic communication skills help teams to thrive.

She’s also a funny, down to earth person and a joy to work with. It's refreshing to have intense, engaging conversations with her.

Daniel Souza

"Hard working and relentlessly user-focussed"

I worked with Amy for 3 years on the GOV.UK Design System, where she led the development of guidance and documentation for our 3 products.

She did so much more than that though - improving our information architecture, service delivery and internal processes, supporting users and contributors and promoting the work of the team via blogging and conference talks.

She's smart, incredibly hard working and relentlessly user-focussed. She's fun to work with and brings huge energy to any team she's on.

I'd work with her again like THAT.

Tim Paul

"Helps others do their
best work"

Having worked closely with Amy on the GOV.UK Design System, I can say she’s been key in the impact it has had today in the wider community in government (and private sector!).

Amy has always kept an eye on the wider picture, focused on user needs, asking the hard questions when needed, and building good relationships with stakeholders and users. As a content design lead, she is service-orientated and thinks strategically about all the aspects of the service and its products (onboarding, support, contribution, maintenance).

Her work has helped make the design system become more representative and increase its adoption by enabling advocators to help us build a community for the GOV.UK Design System.

From inclusive documentation, to safe and fair community spaces, to supporting contributors in contributing to the system, to running cross government workshops. Amy is as strategic as she is hands-on, and knows when to put the right hat on. She’s practical, friendly and helps others do their best work.

Ignacia Orellana

"The ability to make sense of any mess"

I worked closely with Amy on the GOV.UK Design System for 3 years. Amy has the ability to make sense of any mess. Whether it’s regarding technology or more philosophical topics she is able to quickly get to the core of any problem, express it in a way that everyone understands and find solutions that work for both users and the organisation.

Amy works amazingly well in isolation but her knack of getting everyone involved through running workshops, show and tells, writing blog posts and speaking publicly created an open, inclusive culture and way of working within the team that influenced the organisation as a whole.

Amy is a delight to work with and would be a major asset to any team

Dave House

"A brilliant content designer"

I absolutely love working with Amy because while she’s a brilliant content designer, her skill extends far beyond that. She’s an excellent service designer, communicator and facilitator too.

She has been the face of the GOV.UK Design System and played a major role in fostering a wonderful design community around it. I simply can’t recommend Amy highly enough and will make efforts to work with her again.

Adam Silver

"Very driven"

I had the pleasure of seeing Amy work with the GOV.UK Design System team for more than a year. Amy is an incredibly talented Content Designer, and she really pushed the whole Design System content forward in the time she was on the team. Being the sole content person for much of this time, she was the go to expert for all things content (and many other areas too!)

She's very driven, and doesn't shy away from difficult problems. Always asking questions that others may not have considered, and is willing to act on the responses even when outside her area of expertise. Amy will quickly become a valuable asset to any team she works on.

Matt Hobbs